Gregory Englesbe - Fixed and Adjustable Mortgage Rates

Even if you borrow money from an expert like Gregory Englesbe, it is important to understand how rate products work. Adjustable rates change during the lifespan of a mortgage because of the terms. There are two parts in the life of an adjustable-rate mortgage. During the first part, the rate remains fixed and the mortgage behaves like a fixed-rate mortgage. During the second part, the rate changes periodically. These periods may or may not be equal in length to the initial fixed-rate period. For example, an adjustable rate mortgage with an initial rate period of three years may start adjusting annually after the three year period ends. The initial fixed rate and the description of the following adjustments are contained in what’s known as the ARM Disclosure. Make sure you study the document before you accept the terms of your ARM.

Gregory Englesbe

The type of mortgage that is right for you depends on your situation. If you are happy with the fixed-term rate that you can get and you plan on living in the home for at least several years, go with a fixed-term mortgage. If you don’t plan on staying in the home for a long time or anticipate changes in your financial situation, an ARM may be the way to go. If you need a consultation, contact a professional like Gregory Englesbe to discuss your options.

Gregory Englesbe - Gaining Experience  in Mortgages

Gregory Englesbe is an experienced mortgage banker based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. He runs his own company, E Mortgage Management LLC, alongside spending time with his family back in Cherry Hill. The extensive experience he holds in working with mortgages is what allows his company to be successful, and he believes the influence of his family has contributed to the excellence of his company by allowing him to make wise decisions.

Gregory Englesbe

He attended Rider University and went on to his first job in mortgages fairly soon after graduating. A position as Regional Sales Manager meant that he was in charge of hiring personnel as well as managing marketing and sales for his department. Working above people so early in his career allowed him to quickly learn the leadership skills and decisiveness that are needed in a business environment. Gradually working his way up and achieving more within the company, it wasn’t long before he was working as the CEO of a mortgage banking firm. This initial experience as a CEO taught him the difference between being a manager and being a CEO, and he was able to step back and evaluate the bigger picture of where the company needed to go.

Gregory Englesbe is now the CEO of a company he founded, and he loves his job. He has the flexibility to work on his own terms, which means he gets to enjoy the company of his family, but he still has the same intense work ethic that allows him to do what needs to be done for his company.

Gregory Englesbe - New Jersey Mortgage CEO

Gregory Englesbe is the CEO of E Mortgage Management, based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. He lives in Cherry Hill with his family, who are very important to him. He has worked hard throughout his life to attain business success and enjoys the feeling of helping people with his very own company. Mortgage management involves helping people avoid stress, consolidate debts and even refinance their mortgage. Often, this can improve their situation in life and they walk away much more confident in their finances than when they started.

Gregory Englesbe

As a family man, he finds it especially rewarding to help other families resolve their difficult mortgage problems. With years of experience in the field of mortgage banking, his company is a way of being able to share his expertise on the subject with others. The success of his company is down to the tried and true business model he utilizes, as well as the management skills he developed after years of experience in senior mortgage banking positions.

Gregory Englesbe has been involved with mortgage banking companies since he graduating, so he knows the business inside out. This extensive knowledge is reflected in the success of his business and the satisfied clients it produces. Managing a business can be difficult, but as CEO he is always focused on the big picture. When making tough decisions, he knows that he is taking steps for the right reasons. His business sense and convictions make him a fair and even-handed CEO.

Gregory Englesbe - In-Depth Knowledge of Mortgages

Gregory Englesbe is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Bankers and has many years of experience in the field of mortgage management and banking. After working for a range of New Jersey mortgage companies, he had sufficient knowledge to start his own mortgage management business, E Mortgage Management LLC. The company is now successful, and he heads it as CEO.

Gregory Englesbe

His journey to the top of mortgage management companies began with a position as Regional Sales Manager for a mortgage company in Cherry Hill, NJ, where he now the lives, he was in charge of hiring and marketing, as well as managing processing and sales operations. His expertise developed through this early position and he was able to reach higher in the businesses for his next jobs. Next he was named the Vice President of Primetime Mortgage, before moving to his first CEO job for National Future Mortgage. Throughout these years of working with mortgage companies he learnt the skills and business procedures to start a successful company.

Gregory Englesbe works hard at his job as CEO, managing all aspects of the company and getting involved with various departments. Taking time off is important to him, as he loves to spend time with his family. Balancing his life has allowed him the mental capacity to succeed, and the support network of his family has allowed him to take risky steps like starting his own company. His in-depth knowledge of mortgages allows his company to succeed.

Gregory Englesbe - Family Assists Success

Gregory Englesbe is the CEO and founder of a mortgage banking company, E Mortgage Management LLC. He believes that he would not be where he is today without the help and support of his family. They are his most important priority, even when he is at work, and they motivate him to succeed. Spending time with family is his favorite hobby, and the mental health benefits of having this time to unwind speak for themselves. Coming home to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, after a hard day at work and forgetting about business problems is a great way for him to relax.

Gregory Englesbe
Working as a CEO can be stressful, as it means constantly dealing with people and making tough decisions which often dictate the fate of the company. Handling this stress becomes difficult when priorities are unclear or work begins to take over. Spending time with family every day and taking a break from work is hugely important in this age where our phones remind us of our work commitments constantly. De-stressing by disconnecting and relaxing is important for life balance as well as mental health for those in high stress positions.

Gregory Englesbe is thankful for the support he receives every day from his family and friends. The support network around him is helpful whenever work becomes stressful, as he is able to go home and unwind. Maintaining this support network in spare time is integral to stress management for those involved in business.

Gregory Englesbe - Three Attributes All Successful Business People Have

Gregory Englesbe is a successful businessman based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He built his business, E Mortgage Management, LLC from the knowledge and experience he developed during a long and productive career as a mortgage lender. Englesbe has used his success as the head of E Mortgage Management,  LLC to bolster his community in South Jersey and support his family’s growth and continued health. Here are three personal attributes no successful business owner can be successful without:

Gregory Englesbe

  • Routine inspiration. Despite popular belief, inspiration doesn’t fall from trees to change the world. The best artists find inspiration through their work. Gregory Englesbe has had his best ideas strike him in the shower or just before drifting off to sleep, but without a routine designed to keep him engaged in new ideas and ways of running his business, he constantly finds inspiration every day.
  • Trust in your advisors and team. Gregory Englesbe wouldn’t be where he is today if he didn’t put his trust and gratitude into his team of advisors and managers around him. Developing talented managers takes time and resources, but crafting leaders and trusting these leaders is well worth the investment.
  • Willingness to give. It may sound cheesy, but giving back to the community in which your business operates pays off in ways beyond the budget. Showing that you care about your community and the people it serves in any way is a great way to not only develop a positive image for your company, it is also a way to connect with community leaders and form beneficial relationships.

Gregory Englesbe has formed positive relationships with many community leaders in South Jersey.

Gregory Englesbe - Three Excellent Family Activities in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Gregory Englesbe is the founder and CEO of a successful mortgage company, E Mortgage Management, LLC, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. After earning his stripes in the financial industry Englesbe decided to start his own mortgage company in his then-new home of Cherry Hill, so that he could be there for his neighbors to help his community through educating family and friends on mortgage options, products and services. Englesbe also enjoys spending time with his family and community, and frequently can be seen having fun at these three places in Cherry Hill that are perfect for family activities:

Gregory Englesbe

  • Garden State Discovery Museum. Less a museum and more of an interactive playhouse for kids, this conveniently-located activity center is a great way for children to play in a museum that actually encourages them to touch everything. Gregory Englesbe enjoys taking his children here because it’s educational and fun.
  • Playdrome. Gregory Englesbe has found that the local Chuck E. Cheese’s in the area is frequently too crowded for his children to fully enjoy themselves, so he started taking them to Playdrome, which has a full bar for adults, and plenty of games and entertainment for the kids.
  • Toy Train Emporium. Many families have loved looking at all of the small collectible train sets housed in this store. Fun for serious train collectors and window shoppers.

Gregory Englesbe always takes time with his family and continues to find the best places to find fun for all ages.

Gregory Englesbe - Three Strengthening Exercises you can do at Work

Gregory Englesbe is the CEO of E Mortgage Management, LLC in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Englesbe enjoys going for hikes and adventures on the many natural trails in the area, but he can’t always rely on having the time to go out into the woods on a regular basis. Family and a demanding job keep him busy and indoors for much of his time, so he has to stay fit and in shape by doing these three exercises that you can do at home or in your office as well:

  • Raise the roof. No, it’s not a dance from the ‘90s anymore, it’s a great way to get your blood pumping in the office. Spend a few minutes raising the roof with your hands and arms while moving your feet to enjoy an easy and fun one-minute workout. Gregory Englesbe is known around his office for his roof raising.
  • Triceps kick. Lean forward and swing your arms behind you while walking in place for 20 reps. Gregory Englesbe and many others look extremely awkward doing this, but it works out your arms and legs while loosening your upper body.
  • The Hulk. Possibly more awkward-looking than the triceps kick, this exercise involves leaning forward and swinging your arms in front of you like The Hulk flexing out of his Bruce Banner clothes. Try to touch your shoulder blades together for best results.Gregory Englesbe

These office exercises may look silly, but they work well to expand your cardio ability and strengthen many different muscle groups at the same time. Great Englesbe swears by his office workout routines.


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